Treating hair loss in women

21 November 2016
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While there is a lot more focus on hair loss in men, at least 40% of women suffer from hair loss. This can be very embarrassing for the women that are affected, as hair loss and baldness is not as common or accepted among women.  Here are some steps to take if you or a woman you love might be suffering hair loss.  Keep an eye on the problem The majority of hair loss treatments work best when they start earlier in the hair loss journey when there was more hair left. Read More 

How To Prepare For Hair Removal

27 October 2016
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Adults have hair growth in several places on the body including the head, under arms, legs, pubic area and eyebrows. Most adults prefer to remove their hair, and there are different ways to prepare the body for hair removal. Following the tips set out below will ensure that the body is fully prepared for hair removal. Preparing the Hair for Shaving 1. Soften the Hair Before Shaving Before shaving you should take a hot shower, or apply a warm towel to the area that you wish to shave. Read More 

Guide To Flip-In Human Hair Extensions

14 September 2016
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If you've always wanted long, luxuriant locks, but hated the thought of damaging your natural hair with traditional hair extension systems, you might want to consider using flip-in hair extensions.  Here's a basic overview of the flip-in extension system and how it could work for you. What are flip-in hair extensions? Flip-in hair extensions are made of the best quality human hair available, ensuring that your end look is completely natural. Read More