Guide To Flip-In Human Hair Extensions

14 September 2016
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If you've always wanted long, luxuriant locks, but hated the thought of damaging your natural hair with traditional hair extension systems, you might want to consider using flip-in hair extensions.  Here's a basic overview of the flip-in extension system and how it could work for you.

What are flip-in hair extensions?

Flip-in hair extensions are made of the best quality human hair available, ensuring that your end look is completely natural.  The extensions come on a halo-like wire, which is easily fitted into your natural hair without the need for messy glue or taping.  This is great news if your hair is already damaged or thinning, as you can safely use flip-in extensions without causing more problems. 

To fit the extensions, you simply place the adjustable wire over your head and pull it down over the top of your own hair so that it fits snugly around your skull.  You then take the tail comb provided with the extensions and use it to pull your own hair through so that it hangs down over the wire, concealing it.  Now simply comb the hair and extensions through and style it as required.

You can choose from several different lengths, depending on how long you want to go, and there are dozens of colour variations too, from black right through to palest baby blonde.

Although you can buy flip-in hair extensions on-line, they are available at many hair salons countrywide, and it's a good idea to visit your local hair salon so that you can have your natural hair colour professionally matched to the closest shade of hair extension.  You can also buy bright colours if you want to add a touch of something different to your 'do'.

How to look after your flip-in hair extensions

Your flip-in hair extensions are supplied in a protective jacket that you can hang up when the extensions are not in use.  This helps to prevent tangling and keeps your extensions in good condition.  You will also receive a spare wire and a tail comb with your extension kit.

When it comes to washing your hair extensions, you simply treat them in the same way as you would your own hair.  Use a mild shampoo and massage it gently through the extensions from root to tip, rinsing well with cool or tepid water.  Condition the hair in the same way with a good quality conditioner.  As your flip-in hair extensions are not in direct contact with your scalp, they won't become greasy so you only need to wash and condition them once a week or so.

Because your flip-in extensions are made from human hair, it is safe to style them using your hair dryer, hair straighteners or curling tongs.  However, you must use a heat protection styling product to protect your extensions from damage, just as you would your natural hair.

In conclusion

Flip-in hair extensions are a hassle-free, easy way of adding length and body to your hair without the mess and expense of traditional hair extension systems.  Why not ask your hairdresser for more information on flip-in hair extensions?